The Dragon Behind The Cloud



Lao-Tze is probably the most influential person in the history of mankind, yet people know very little about him; he was respected as the wisest person in China twenty five hundred years ago, yet no one knew what he had done. When Lao-Tze rode a water buffalo and applied for an exit visa to retire from China, the government demanded him to surrender his wisdom. So Lao-Tze wrote the book of “Dao-Der-Jing”. Once Lao-Tze left China, he was never heard of again. The most likely place that Lao-Tze rested forever was India, because Buddhism, which was strongly influenced by Lao-Tze’s teachings, suddenly appeared there shortly afterward.

Dao-Der-Jing is the only book in this world that teaches an ordinary person everything he needs to know to accumulate infinite wisdom, to build a country, and to conquer and rule the world. Lao-Tze knew that his book would have no chance to survive if he opined his teachings explicitly; without any doubt, the authorities and dictators would be afraid of his teachings so much as to suffocate his book utterly. As a precaution, Lao-Tze obfuscated his teachings by employing the techniques of eviscerating and reversing the order of words, phrases, sentences, and even breaking up the sentences and paragraphs to hide his sensitive teachings. As can be imagined, Lao-Tze’s aphorisms in Dao-Der-Jing became the most elusive teachings ever existed.

On the surface, Dao-Der-Jing appears to be a book teaching people the impalpable power of creation with a hint of supernatural origin. Lao-Tze had successfully fooled not only all the dictators, but also all the intellectuals trying to decipher his secrets in the past twenty-five hundred years, until today.

This book was developed originally from the author’s study notes of Dao-Der-Jing when he embarked the journey to promote his inventions of CMOS positive logic technology to semiconductor industry in 2009 and had to spend weeks and months on the road. He continued his study when he returned home and decided to apply Lao-Tze’s teachings to supplement the modern science. His efforts finally hit a breakthrough in the summer of 2012 that eventually led to the development of the unified theory.

The author did not list any reference for the writing of this book because it was impossible to do so. The foundation of the unified theory was laid down by Einstein, Newton, Lao-Tze, Emperor Suen, and many more incognito Saints in the ancient China; that was why Emperor Suen was so humble.

Due to his great respect for these pioneers, the author dedicates this book to them.

Wen T. Lin
Ambler, Pennsylvania